Blogging with Mephisto

At RailsPlayground, I followed their instructions for installing Mephisto. It actually went quite smooth, until I wanted to add a new article in the admin section. Then I kept receiving an error like "LoadError (Expected /home/xyz/mephisto/app/models/asset.rb to define Asset)". I Googled a bit, and ran across marcin ciszak's blog. He had a very enticing line in his entry: "1 solution has been found at this blog", but the link went to an apparent dead page.

So I had to buckle down and debug the problem myself.

First, I downloaded the exact same zip file to my local machine, and went through the installation process. After a couple of mis-starts, I was able to run the admin module. Unfortunately, it worked just fine. I could add articles all I want.

Then I changed my hosted environment to development in environment.rb. I figured that it wouldn't be a big deal since I didn't have anything in it anyway. I pointed the development section in database.yaml to my production database. I had to restart my fcgi process as well. I found the best way to do it is to SSH to the site, search for the dispatch.fcgi process, then kill it. [~/mephisto]# ps ux | grep dispatch.fcgi
abc 22050 2.6 0.5 46728 42128 ? S 22:28 0:05 /usr/local/bin/ruby dispatch.fcgi
abc 25701 0.0 0.0 1832 504 ? S+ 22:31 0:00 grep dispatch.fcgi [~/mephisto]# kill 22050

Now, I'm sure I'll look back at this and roll my eyes, but I'm new to the hosted environment. I've done quite a bit of Ruby and Rails development, but I have very little experience with installing/configuring other applications and hosted environments. Once I was going again, I was able to pinpoint the error. This was a problem with attachment_fu having an empty array passed to it. As a quick hack, I put a "to_a" method in the attachment_fu.rb file. Wouldn't you know it, that took care of it.

So now we're off! On to picking out a good template, and seeing what this blogging thing is all about on the other side.

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