Cloud Vendors and Products


Although the term had been around for a long time, Amazon got the ball rolling with their Amazon Web Services. After the Dot com bubble, they found that their infrastructure was usually only utilized around 10%, so they thought they could try to recoup some of the money spent on building up the infrastructure. Most familiar to developers and other people in the industry are two of Amazon's products, S3 (Simple Storage Service), which simply allows you to save data on their hard drives, and EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), which allows you to use as many virtual computers as you want, using Xen.


Using GMail and Google Docs is using Google's cloud infrastructure, and they offer an application development and hosting environment called Google App Engine.


Microsoft introduced Microsoft Online Services, which offers Office, EMail, CRM and other software online, and shortly after announced Windows Azure Platform as their cloud platform.


Salesforce has always offered their CRM product online, and not long ago they extended that to, allowing people to develop applications on their platform.

There is a large and growing list of cloud vendors.

  • Apprenda (SaasGrid)
  • ServePath (GoGrid)
  • Sun Microsystems (Sun Cloud)
  • 3tera (AppLogic)
  • Rackspace (Rackspace Cloud)
  • Engine Yard (Engine Yard Cloud)
  • etc., etc.

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